Isle of Wight VMCC Events
Jan.    Tues. 23rd.  Club Night, at Ventnor C.C., 7.30pm. “Gadgets and Wierd things”
Feb.    Tues.  6th.    CHAIRMAN’S DINNER. At the Blacksmith’s,Carisbrooke.           
          Tues. 13th.   Club Night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm.
          Tues. 27th.  Club Night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm. Table top trial.
Mar.   Sun.   11th.  Breakfast Run, Coppins Bridge at 9.30am.  (Keith).
          Tues.  13th. Club Night. Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm.  Another Harry Film Night.
          Tues. 27th.  Club Night,  Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm. “What’s in my Bag?”
Apr.   Sun.   1st.    Easter Egg Run. Meet at Coppins Bridge, 9.00am
          Sat.   7th.    Vintage and Classic Show at the Winter Gardens, Ventnor, 10.00am
          Tues. 10th.   Club Night,  Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm.
          Tues.  24th.  Club Night,  Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm. Bits and Pieces sale and Auction.               
           Sun.  29th.  Underpowered Wobble. Meet Nunnery Car Park, Carisbrooke, 2.30pm. Machines under 200cc + over 25 years old, and ANY machine pre 1920.  
May.   Tues.  1st.    First Lunch Run for this year. Note new start and finish. Meet 11.30am on gravel road off Bridlesford road, same every month this year. (Iain)
           Tues.  8th.  Club night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm
            Sun.  20th.  Breakfast Run. The Nunnery, Carisbrooke, 9.00am. (Geoff).
            Tues. 22nd. Club Night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm. Or a ride - meet at Nunnery Car Park, Carisbrooke, 7.00pm. Volunteer required.
Jun.    Sun.   3rd.  A run to North Island. Details to follow. (Ron)
          Tues.  5th.  Lunch Run, from Briddlesford Road, 11.30am
          Tues.  12th. Club Night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm
           Sun.  17th.  Breakfast Run. Nunnery car park, 9.00am.  (Ron).
           Tues.  26th. Club Night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm. or Nunnery car park 7.00pm,  
July    Tues.   3rd.  Lunch Run. from Briddlesford road 11.30am.  (Robin).
           Tues. 10th.  Club Night, Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm
           Sun.   15th.  Breakfast Run. Nunnery Car Park, 9.00am. (Keith)
           Tues.  24th. Club Night, Meet Nunnery Car park 7.00pm  (Reg).
           Sun.   29th.  Underpowered Wobble Mk 2. Start from Nunnery Car Park, Carisbrooke. 2.30pm. Machines under 200cc, + over 25 years old, and ANY flat tank machine.
Aug.   Tues.  7th.   Lunch Run. Briddlesford Road, start 11.30am (Swaff)
           Sun.  12th.  Breakfast Run. Nunnery car park, 9.00am.  (Roy)
           Tues. 14th.  Club Night, Ventnor C.C. 7.30pm
           Tues. 28th.  Club Night, from Nunnery Car Park, 7.00pm to Ventnor C.C. by 8.00
Sept.   Tues.  4th.   Lunch Run, 11.30am from Briddlesford Road to Godshill Old Smithy
           Tues. 11th.  Club Night at Ventnor C.C. 7.30pm. Scurry final briefing/update.
           Sun.  16th.  Breakfast Run. From Nunnery Car Park 11.30am - Alan?  
           Fri.21st to Tues 25th.  Our 16th. September Scurry.
Oct.    Tues. 2nd.   The last Lunch Run for this year, Briddlesford Road, 11.30am,
          Tues.  9th.   Club Night. Ventnor C.C. 7.30pm. De brief on Scurry, with pictures.
          Sun.  14th.  Breakfast Run. Nunnery Car park, Carisbrooke, 11.30am. Derek?
          Tues.  23rd. Club AGM. Ventnor C.C. 7,30pm. Followed by FREE buffet.  
Nov.   Tues.  13th.  Club Night.  Ventnor C.C. 7.30pm.  Harry Moore Film Night.
          Tues.  27th.  Club Night.  Ventnor C.C. 7.30pm.  Motorcycle Picture Quiz.
Dec.   Tues.  11th.  Club Night.  Ventnor C.C.  7.30pm. Picture,mince pies,jollity.