The Classic Bike Breakfast run took a small group of riders along Forest and coastal roads to the
Jolly Sailor at Ashlett Creek – a beautiful old style pub hidden down a single track road overlooking a
creek on the edge of the Solent. It was a lovely warm, sunny day. It showed how wonderful it can be to be
out with a bunch of like-minded friends on old motorcycles as we reflected on how sad it was that so
few old bikes and geezers get to enjoy these fabulous summer runs nowadays.  

July started well with a ride-in and show at the Burton Carnival on the 1st. There were 23 bikes and a lot of
old geezers enjoying the show, the beer bus, coffee, burgers, steam engines and a brass band for a
couple of hours in glorious sunshine. Our old friend Harpic brought a group of bikers from Romsey.

Dave King took us on a Summer run to the Bennet Arms in Semley. What a fantastic ride through the best
of Dorset and along the Ebble Valley, over Cranborne Chase, into Wiltshire, past Old Wardour Castle, on
roads few of us had been on before.  A well planned and enjoyable ride out that I for one will definitely
do again.  

Ride-ins include Mudeford Quay on a Monday, the Churchill at Alderholt or Poole Quay on a Tuesday,  
Minstead Social Club on Wednesdays and the Tyrells on Thursdays.

13th August is Tony’s Trundle from the Carpenters, Bransgore at 11am led by Tony Townsend.
21st August is Bring a Bike Night at the  Walkford Hotel.

September activities include the Chairman’s Priory run on the 3rd; Barry’s Autumn run on the 17th;
the Bring a Bike meeting on the 18th  . Contact Dave Bowmer for information about any of the above.